Saturday, April 17, 2010

Major Updation in Individual Income Tax Calculator


                          Major updation in Excel Based Calculator has been made.  Now it calculates not only income tax for the Financial Year 2009-10 (Assessment Year 2010-11) but also store data in Excel and create form 16 automatically.  For creation of form 16, one time dedcutor details are to be filled in sheet named "Deductor Detail" like as  Deductor Name, Pan Number, Tan Number, Address, Pin Number, Acknowledgement Number for Quarter-1 , Quarter-2, Quarter-3, Quarter-4, Date & Place  of Issuing of Forms. 

                           Enter deductee data in  Calculator like as , Emp no/Serial Number, Pan , Name,  Sex, Gross Amount, Other Income, Total , Deduction amount of 80 C, Other Deduction Amount, TDS. Fields other than white cells are locked which will be calculated automatically, In the last  there is column of  Refundable/Payable which display your return status. 

                                  In "form 16" sheet, there is  cell  of "Certificate Number"  which can be altered.  If you type 2  than form 16 will be generated for second employee available in Calculator Sheet. 

Click  Here to watch Calculator 

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