Monday, May 3, 2010

Easy Form 16 / 16A Generation


              Don't waste your time in generation/preparation of  form 16 and 16A.  These can be generated with in minutes.  There is no value for volume of forms.  

Meaning of Form 16 and 16A
                Form 16 and 16A  are evidence of tax deducted by dedcutor. These are issued by Deductor.  Form 16 is used for deduction of tax from Salary and Form 16A is used for deduction of tax from Non-Salary. 

Basic Requirements
              1) F.v.u.(File Validity Utility) Files generated from any software like as NSDL or others of  all Quarters.
              2) Provisional Receipts Numbers of all Quarters.
              3) Software for generation of Form 16 and 16A.

Non Receipt of Form 16 or 16A  to read more click here

Duty of Deductor
               Deductor can not say  that the deductee has not requested to issue form 16 and 16A. Deductor  has to issue form 16 and 16A with in the prescribed period mentioned as per Income Tax Act.  In case form 16 and 16A are not issued with in the prescribed time, penalty of  Rs. 100/- per day after the expiry of limited time can be imposed on Deductor. 

Time Limit for issuing Form 16 and 16A  to know regarding time limit click here

Procedure of Installation of Software
              A single .exe file will be provided via email .  Just only click , software will be installed automatically in your computer and a  icon will also be displayed on your desktop. Complete details regarding installation is available here (Click Here)

Output of Forms
             Forms will be available in word format and can be printed on Laser printer also.

Cost of Software
              Demo copy for generation of single form 16 and 16A is free on internet and for creating forms 16 ad 16A in bulk quantity from fvu files, there are nominal charges.

Form 16 & 16A in Excel Format 

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