Saturday, April 16, 2011

Re-correction Statement in e-tds/e-tcs returns

                             While submitting  etds/etcs returns, Re-correction statement  is a return procedure  which is filled after correction statement.  Before getting knowledge regarding re-correction statement, anyone
should know regarding Original / Correction statement.

Original Return.
                                 As and when, a etds/etcs return is submitted  first time for the particular quarter/period.  It is called Original Return.  Without having any software , it is not easy to submit.  There are so many specifications for the standard of files.  In case you know regarding programming and interested in creation of software you can collect file format from here. However NSDL provides Free software for creating original Return of ETDS/ETCS which can be collected from here.  For Complete knowledge regarding submission of etds/etds return click here.

Correction Statement
                                 After submit of Original return , in case any discrepancy found in original return then a correction statement is to be filled.  For making any correction in statement the basic requirements are " FVU File " and "Acknowledgment Number of Original Return".     Type of corrections may be as under:-

  1. C1- Correction in Deductor details.
  2. C2- Correction in Challan and Deductor details.
  3. C2- Correction in Challan details.
  4. C3- Correction in Challan and Deductee details..
  5. C3- Correction in Deductee details.
  6. C3- Correction in Deductor and Deductee details.
  7. C3- Correction in Deductor, Challan and Deductee details.
  8. C4- Correction in Salary details records.
  9. C5- Correction in Deductee PAN in deductee details records
  10. C5- Correction in Deductee PAN in Salary detail records.
  11. C5- Correction in Deductee PAN in deductee and salary detail records.
  12. C9- Addition of Challans
  13. Multiple batch correrction statement - Correction in Deductor, Challan (Updation and addition), deductee details (including PAN)
  14. Y-  Cancellation of Statement. 

Re-correction Statement
                    Re-correction statement in etds statement is called which is filled after correction statement.   In my view it is not easy process and  software provided by NSDL also do not support for creation of re-correction statement.    I have also tried to create re-correction statement with another softwares but fail.  Now an question  arise that  why we feel requirement of re-correction statement.   Example for the same is as under:-

  • 1.   Original etds/etcs return submitted.
  • 2.  Due to some correction like as adding more challan/Pan Numbers/Salary Details as showen in above at sr. no. 1 to 14.,  Correction statement filled.
  • 3.   In last we receive letter from Income Tax Department  to modify some errors in return.  Now we are in need to submit re-correction statement to rectify the errors informed by Income Tax Department. 
Solution of re-correction Statement
                      As earlier explained that it is complicated procedure.  To avoid re-correction statement , we should check status of Original Return  before submit any correction statement.  You can check return status with the help of  your TAN number and Acknowledgment Number of Original Return.

                         In last, in the absense of any software for submit re-correction etds/etcs return.  It is best decision to cancel the Correction Statement (Not Original Statement)  and submit  again etds/etcs return as Correction Statement.  In this way there will no penalty as deductor has not changed date of submission of Original etds/etcs return. 

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