Friday, May 21, 2010

Setting Required for e-filling of Income Tax Return

                   As Income Tax  Return Preparation Utilities for submission of onilne Income Tax Returns  are Excel based.  There are some  requirement of macro setting in computer for running these utilities. Lot of time we find that  Excel utility does not work or  It creates problem in pressing buttons "Vaildate", "Print", "Next", "Generate", "Help" ,  "Previous"  and  "Calculate Tax"  etc.  Solution for the same is Macro Setting which are given in detail as under:-

The following screen appears when we open excel utility.  In such cases  we should select "Enable Macro" to work further on this utility.

Pre requisites :

  1.  Use Excel 2003 onwards
  2. Enable Macros to use these utilities.


  1. On the Tools Menu, point to Macros >> Security.
  2. Now select security Leel as Low or Medium and press OK.
  3. Restart your Excel Utility, and if asked whether you want to Enable Macros, Select Yes


  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and the click Excel Options (shown in below first Picture)
  2. Click Trust Center, click Trust Center Setting, and then click Macro Settings
  3. Click the option "Enable all Macros"  (shown in below second Picture)
  4. Restart your Excel Utility. 
Two Pictures are given below for enabling Macro setting in Excel 2007

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