Thursday, June 24, 2010

Alias in Tally


             Alias function in tally is a good function.  It creates alternate Names of  Ledgers and Names of Items in seconds.  During Ledger creation and Item creation, alias is available.   Not only in creation but also in modification with Alt+Enter, we can create alias.   As shown in picture, we can create more than one alias as per our convenience.  While passing entry in tally,  alias can be selected as Party Name or Item Name.   Alias is a facility to user to give a short name to Ledger Name and Item Name.

Example :- As per picture-1, if we pass vouchers in Ledger M/s Apollo Tyres or Apollo or Creditor.   All vouchers can be shown in M/s Apollo Tyres.


Picture-2 (Auto Created Ledgers)

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