Monday, June 7, 2010

e-payment of Haryana Vat through internet


                It is good news that now Haryana VAT (Value added Tax ) can be paid through internet.  Now, there is no need to go State Bank of India, Main Branch and no need to stand in large rows.  Vat payment can be easily made from office/house using Internet connection.  Basic requirement for making payment of   Haryana Vat  through internet is that you should have  Net Banking Facility with State Bank of India alongh with Transaction right. Still e-payment of  Haryana Vat can be made through  only State Bank of India. Open portal for e-payment through any bank has not been added in it.   

Keep in mind that If you have an account with  State Bank of India only  then you can make e-payment. 

How to fille e-Challan
                   As you enter "Submit" button after clicking below link, the following fields will be appeared.

  • Tin/Registration No.*                
  • Treasury Name :*
  • Office/DDO Name:
  • Name of Depositor/Dealer*
  • Flat No./Building:
  • Area/Locality
  • City/District:
  • E-Mail*
  • Phone/Mobile:
  • Act:
  • Purpose*
  • Assessment Year*
  • Assessment Period*
  • Bank Name*

In above * marked fields are mandatory. When you enter your TIN number , Name of Depositor field automatically captured your Firm Name in which you want to deposit Value Added Tax.  To make good payment  depositor should be very much careful in selection of  fields named "Purpose", "Assessment Year",  "Assessment Period" and  "E-Mail" etc.

 (Pay Haryana Vat On-Line through e-challan) and  Press submit for enter Your TIN (Tax Index Number).

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