Sunday, June 20, 2010

List of Declared Goods


                       List of Declared goods is not only important for Haryana, But also it is important for all States.  I want to share regarding declared goods that Central Government has declared some items as Declared goods and tax rate their on.  Any state can not  change vat rate of Declared Goods.  It's maximum rate is 4 %.  i.e. recently Haryana Government has implemented 5% surcharge on Vat.  This surcharge is implemented in Haryana but not on declared goods.   In this way , it is very much important for all to know the particular  item relates to Declared Goods or Not.  In below link under section 15 of Chapter IV of The Central Sale Tax Act 1956,  Restrictions and conditions in  regard  to tax on sale or purchase of Declared Goods with in a state are also give. So read carefully and to read better text , use Zoom In button. 

List of Declared goods in above link starts at Page No. 23 under section 14 of Chapter IV of The Central Sale Tax Act 1956.

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