Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Print Single/Particular Page in Tally


             Lot of time we feel that there is major requirement of Printing of Single Page out of Lot of Pages.  For example,  you are printing sales register from Page No. 1 to 200 and due to any reason after printing Page No. 180, printer stops printing.  Now only 20 pages are left which are to be required for printing.  Lot of persons do not know how it can be finalized.   Some persons use  printing facility available in printer from "Back to Front"  and solve their problem himself.  But tally provides simple procedure to print the balance job.  As and when press Press Alt+P for printing, in right hand side under help menu, there is option of Page No. which shown as under after clicking on it. 

Many persons change Page No (for printing)  with 1 as shown in above picture.  I want to clear that  1 (one) in above picture indicate the Page No. will be printed out on First Page. i.e.  If you change 1 to 6 then Printing  starts from 1 but  Page No will be printed 6 on First Page.    As already discussed that our printing is lying pending from page no.  181 to  200 pages.  The below setting is required for this. 
  • Page Number starts from  = 1
  • Page Range                      = 180-200
I think now there is no problem in printing of  balance pages or a particular page in tally. 

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