Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unit and Alternate Unit Options in Tally.

           Some discussion regarding Units in tally.  The matter in question is not special for tally4.5, tally6, tally7.2, tally9 or tally9erp.   It relates to all except tally4.5.   During creation of New Item it is important that our item will be known in Kgs/Quintels/Pieces/Numbers/Tonnes/Months etc.  It can be anything.  Tally has not bounded users to select out of specified units.  It is user friendly. With the help of below two Pictures Unit options can be checked.


Picture -2

Special Command for Usage of Unit and  alternate Unit :-

  • A Unit under Primary is "Tin"
  • Alternate Unit is "Kgs"   and  15 Kgs = 1 Tin
  • Rates of  Tin depends upon  Kgs.
For using Alternate Unit > During New Item Creation > Press F12> Allow Advanced entries in Master ="Yes" >Use alternate Units for Stock Items ="Yes"

Now, in case you have all tin's contains 15Kgs then there is no problem.  But due to Damage or Less packing  alternate Unit may be less than 15Kgs.  For example  you have Tin's  containing  14 kgs 12 Kgs and 10Kgs etc.  Now billing is difficult  to charge rate on the basis on Kgs. 

Solution of this query is that while entering quantity  you have to type  below command for 12 Kgs.
Command (in Quantity column) 1=12Kgs 
Check Below Picture-3 for more clarity. 

                    In this way you can change  weight of any Item during raising invoice.

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