Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Your Refund of Income Tax


                          Now a days,  refund of Income Tax are being made by Income Tax Department on the basis of Income Tax available with Income Tax Department in particular PAN.  Amount of Income Tax can be verified by anyone of his PAN Number through registration of Form 26AS.  You may also register Form 26AS  yourself and check your Income Tax amount available with Income Tax Department after successfully registration and verification  of Form 26AS.  To know more regarding registration of Form 26AS (Click Here).

                        In case your refund of Income Tax has not been received for the previous years till date.  There may be following reasons.

  1. Deductor has not deposited your Income Tax as he has deducted on account of TDS.
  2. Deductor has not uploaded etds/etcs return.
  3. Correct Pan Number has not been mentioned in etds/etcs return by the Deductor. 
  4. Bank has not uploaded Challan Number in Correct Tan.
  5. Your refund may be in process in the hand of Income Tax Department,
                           Mostly all above queries can be checked yourself after registration of   26AS form. It means we should check Form26AS detail time to time so that  amount of Income Tax can be confirmed before submission of  Income Tax Return.

                                 In form 26AS, detail of refund of Income Tax  is also available.  Just login your account and check your refund status.

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