Sunday, July 4, 2010

etds to Form 16A in New format (Free for old Users)


           Good news,  New format of  Form 16a from e-tds fvu file is ready.  This utility will be provided shortly.  It is also informed that lot of persons/website provide form 16a from fvu after copying software from this blog. Updation in software will be provided only from this blog. Some updation detail is given as under:

  • Father Name of responsible persona has been added in New form 16A.
  • Length of Deuctor Name has been increased.
  • Form 16A will be printed on front or back side. 
Updation in form 16A will be do time to time or after getting your response regarding this software.

            Free facility to create new form 16a from fvu files will be provided to old legal users.   Users have to take three steps for getting free updation which is given as under:

  1. One comment on of his old experience.
  2. Email at  alongwith evidence of earlier deposit.
  3. Depict Your Tan Number in email. 
            As per new notification, now form 16A will be issued with in 15 days from the date of submission of statement on quarterly basis.  

Due Dates
  • Deposit your tds in time. 
  • Submit your return in time.
  • Issue form 16a in time.
Click here to check all as per new notification

Note:- to know regarding creation or generation form 16a from fvu, Click on title of this post. 

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