Thursday, July 22, 2010

How to collect Fvu (File Validity Utility) File

                 File Validity Utility file is a file generated by etds Software.  There are so many persons who have created their software for submission of etds return.  List of the software providers can be watched after clicking here. In case you are not using any etds software and submit your return through other persons like as Karvy or any Nodal Center approved by Income Tax Department, initially you should check Status of Your etds return submitted by Nodal Center.   There may be lot of discrepancies Like as Pan Not available in Income Tax Department Database, Wrong Pan Number, Mismatch Challan, Amount does not match with Bank Challan etc. To resolve these errors  FVU files play part.   Now question arises that how FVU file can be collected.

How to Collect Fvu File
                     There are two sources for collecting FVU file.

  1. Through Nodal Center where you have submitted your etds/etcs return
  2. Through Tan Registration.
                  Yes, through online TAN Registration, FVU files can be collected.   It is totally free facility provided by Income Tax Department to  all dedcutors through NSDL.  Authenticated Access (through user ID and password) is provided to registered deductors. After availing login facility  deductor can avail following facility. 
  • View Status of  his filed statements.
  • Download of  consolidated quarterly etds/etcs  statements for filling correction statement etc. 
  • Other functionalities related to quarterly TDS/TCS Statements
                            With the help of FVU files form 16 and 16A can also be generated to know more (click here)

  1. TAN registration should be done online at the website of the Tax Information Network
  2. Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.
  3. Select the values from the drop down wherever provided.
  4. Register all active TANs.
Details of Deductor
  1. Mention details of deductor (TAN).
  2. Select appropriate deductor category from the dropdown.
  3. Mention PAN of deductor. Mention “PANNOTREQD”, in case PAN is not available i.e. deductor is not required to have PAN as per the statute.
  4. PAO Code and DDO Code are mandatory for deductor category “Central Government”.
  5. If PAO Code is not available then mention value “PAOCDNOTAVBL”.
  6. If DDO Code is not available then mention value “DDOCDNOTAVBL”.
  7. For PAO Registration number, mention registration number allotted, if any, by Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) under New Pension Scheme (NPS).
  8. For DDO Registration number, mention registration number allotted, if any, by Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) under New Pension Scheme (NPS).
Contact Details of Deductor
  1. Mention demographic details of deductor (TAN) i.e. complete address and contact details.
  2. Provide valid email id and telephone no. / mobile no.
  3. Provide details of responsible person and designation.
Statement Details
  1. Mention details of any regular e-TDS / TCS quarterly statement accepted in TIN on or after April 01, 2008.
  2. Check the status of e-TDS / TCS statement at the Quarterly Statement Status available at the TIN website by entering the TAN and Provisional Receipt Number of the statement before providing statement details.
  3. For entering statement details you may refer the Provisional Receipt issued at the time of acceptance of the e-TDS / TCS statement.
Generation of Acknowledgement
  1. After filling up the information, click “submit”. On submission of details if system shows any errors, rectify and re-submit the form.
  2. A confirmation screen with all the data filled by the user will be displayed. The same can be either confirmed or edited.
  3. On confirmation, an acknowledgement number will be displayed.
  4. Print the acknowledgment and preserve the same for future use.
  5. For future correspondence mention the TAN registration number provided by TIN along with the TAN.
  6. You can re-generate the “Acknowledgement for TAN Registration” by registering again.

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