Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Form 16A in Word Format

              New format of  TDS form 16 and 16A is applicable  w.e.f. 01.04.2010.  Earlier consolidated form 16a can be issued on yearly basis on the request of dedcutee.  But now w.e.f. 01-APR-2010, form 16A will be issued on quarterly basis with in 15 days from the submission of statement.   It means form 16a will be issued in 4 times in a year.  Now yearly form 16a can not be issued on the request of deductee.  It is mandatory duty of deductor  to issue form 16A on quarterly basis.  

                 It means work load of creation of forms 16A has been increased in the hand of deductor.  But don't worry,  in case you have fvu's files of your etds return.  You can generate form 16 and 16A with in minutes.  Out put file of form 16 and 16a will be available in M.S. Word format which can be edited or altered. 

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