Monday, July 19, 2010

Printing of Receipt in Tally in Two Formats


               Tally users generally print "Receipt" voucher through tally which is available in default mode.  A user can change it's width, height, mode and some other specifications. In normal position , printing of Receipt looks like as below shown in picture :-
     Lot of persons do not like above format of receipt due to non availability of some words like as "Received from " ,"A sum of Rs. "  etc.   Keeping in view these things,  tally provides second format of Receipt.  In my view it is better than above.  Second/another format of receipt is also given as under

                         If you like above format and want to print cash/cheque receipts in above format in your tally,  below setting is required.

Setting for printing of Receipt in Second Format
Tally Gateway>Account>Voucher Type>Alter>Receipt> Print Formal Receipt After Saving ="Y"

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