Monday, September 13, 2010

Split/Break Data in Tally

How to Break Financial Year in Tally

                 In case you have tally data of two or more  years in a single company and you want to create separate company for separate financial year. Then this function is useful for everyone.  It is easy to break tally data through split option provided by tally.  Before this option (split) in old versions of tally, tally data can be breaked through export and import facility provided by tally. Keeping in view it's excess usage by tally users, tally has provided a simple procedure to split the data year wise or as per user's convenience. Split option is available  in tally as shown in below path. 

Gateway of Tally > Alt+F3 > SPlit Company Data

                           In above path, next screen asks for Name of Company and Split From option . 
Name of Company :
                Here company name is required for which you want to split data.
Split From               :
                Generally, 1st day of Financial Year is selected for braking the data, any how any date can be selected here for user's convenience. 

As we save above screen, data will be splited/break in two company, Now, in tally>Data folder  there will be three data.  
  1. Your old data (as it is)
  2. First Data before date from Split From (Split by you)
  3. Second Data on or after date from Split from (Split by you)
I hope now split option is clear if you feel any difficulty you may use comment option for asking any question

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