Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tan Registration Login Page

           After a long gap, Now Tan Registration Login Page has been provided by NSDL.   Generally in normal way, it does not appear on NSDL website.  On successful achievement of  Authenticated User ID and Password for Tan Registration, Login Page is required.  Now it is available.  Link position can be viewed as below picture:-

Direct Login Page (click here) >Login > Tan Registration

        After login,  Request for consolidated statement can be done.  As and when click on Request,  a screen with  following questions appears which is as under :-

        On placing above information , one more screen display on screen  to check the confirmation of the legal  user.  It means above information is not sufficient.  User should have complete e-tds/e-tcs data which has been submitted/uploded as return in soft or hard copy to make such request .  The requirement is Some Particular Pan Number and their TDS amount approximate 5 Pan Numbers alongwith their tds amount will be asked to enter as input and one bank challan detail will also be asked.  In the other words  following information will be asked:-

  • Five Particular Pan Numbers with their TDS amount (Challan Serial Number and Deductee Name and record number already will be available to ask detail)
  • BSR Code, Challan Serial Number and Challan Amount 
Screen view is as under :-

                         The consolidated statement will be provided with in 24 hours by the NSDL on your email and to view the status of your requested consolidated etds/etcs statement can also be viewed after login at Tin Registration .  Screen display will be as under :-

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