Saturday, July 3, 2010

Voucher with Zero Value in Tally

           By default in tally, zero value voucher can not be posted.  Some positive value is required for saving the voucher.  Zero value voucher is required in Accounting due to following reasons:-

  • Auto Numbering Invoicing and Bill cancelled.
  • Cheque cancelled.
  • Free Material/ Advertisement Material received with Zero Value.  
  • Any other reasons which depends upon requirement of users.
          Now, question arises that How to Save voucher with zero value.  Minor setting is requirement to save the zero value voucher in tally which is given as under:

Gateway of Tally>F11>Accounting Features (as shown in below picture)
On selecting Accounting Features,  following screen will be displayed.
Set No to Yes "Allowed Zero Value Entries" as shown in below picture. 

The above setting are based on Tallyerp9.  In earlier versions there is no need to select Accounting Features only F11 on Gateway of Tally is enough.

In this way after saving above settings,  "Zero Value Vouchers" can be saved in Tally.

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