Friday, July 2, 2010

Zero Value in Tally

After split/break data in Tally through split option or through import or export option, there may be need of Change Account Opening Balance or Item with zero quantity etc. Generally tally provides accurate balances in new company on data split through split option.   In some cases, due to complication, we have to use import for export feature for creating new company.  In such cases,  It requires special experience  while importing master file.  Before using export option for masters (display>List of Accounts>export),  period is to be selected with alt+f2 (workable only in old versions).  From and To screen display on our screen.  Now balance in new company depends upon "From".  For example  you are going to break data 05.09.2010.  Two companies for below periods will be created :-
  1. 01.04.2010 to 04.09.2010
  2. 05.09.2010 to onwards
It means your from date should be 05.09.2010, only then opening balances of 05.09.2010 will be transferred in new data, other wise balances dated 01.04.2010 will be transferred in new company. 

Now, regarding changing all Balances with Zero
                        Yes, we can convert all opening balances with zero in seconds with the below path
Account >Ledger >Multi Ledger >Alter >All items >Alt+Z>Save

In saving all ledger balances with zero, we can not restore them. Therefore , it is recommended to use this feature carefully. 


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