Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Free Excel Invoice Tally based

              First of all this is free utility.  There is no doubt that tally provides good format of  invoices but in many cases customisation is required.  Buyer refuse to accept material in case invoice format is not according to him.  It is very much difficult stage when we are using tally.  As a user, It requires customisation. I have tried to meet out such difficulties through this utility.  Everyone can change design of invoice as per his need.   Excel is commonly used by everyone.  Snap shoot of the screen is given as under :

(White Excel cell is only for use.)
Don't enter Data manually where calculations have been given. 

Basic Requirements:-  1) Tally.erp9             and  2) M.S. Office 2007

How to Install        :-  Just download and extract zip file.

Default Setting       :-  In default tab in bottom of the sheet,  Biller Name and State can be set as shown in below picture.

Master Data :-  It is excellent feature that Master Ledger accounts and Item details  captured from tally.  It means all ledgers name and item master will be created in tally and this excel utility immediately capture the new data from tally after refreshing data.  Picture view is as under :-

How to Use this Utility :-  First step is to Open Tally and select particular company. Now  refresh data in  this excel utility and Use pull down option to select Name of Party and Item.   Other related detail will automatically captured from tally like as Address, State, Tin Number  of the party,  Unit of the Item etc. 

How to Re-fresh Data:-  Very simple, just press on Data and click on Refresh all.  
(Picture view is also available below)

Experience :-  Only excel knowing user can work on it.  No need of extra knowledge. 

Vat/Cst  : - Yes, Default option is "Vat" .  It depends upon the "State Name " available in Default Tab.   It means if  Name of State of Party =  State Name(available in default tab), Vat will automatically captured.  In case different state name ,  C.S.T will automatically captured. 

How to Change "Retail Invoice"/"Tax Invoice" :- No need to give special attention.  It depends upon Tin Number of the Party.  In the absence of  Party Tin Number it will capture "Retail Invoice" and in the presence of Tin Number there will be "Tax Invoice".

Updation in Software  :- Common updation will be done free for all users on getting response through comments.   Everyone can give their comments on pressing title/subject of this post.  Secondly still this utility is un-protected, everyone can change it's design as per their requirement. 

Invoice Data in Tally :- It is first step to start work on invoicing.  Still there is no source to add  Invoice Data in tally.  This utility can only use to get a print and re-enter data for invoicing. 

Data Storage  :- Initially there is no data storage.  You can store only one invoice in one utility.  

Free Download (File Size 101.38 Kb in zip format)

Updated on  10.08.2010

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