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How to Create FVU file for etds/etcs Correction Statement


        Software provided by NSDL is too simple that can be easily used by a person without having extra knowledge of computer.   Initially,  Java Software is required in your computer for  creating Regular or Correction etds/etcs statements.  In the absence of Java Software, you can enter data in the software but  can not create fvu file.   For creating fvu file Java installation is must. 

      Preparation of Regular etds/etcs return has already been discussed many times.  In case, you are new user you may also click here to view the installation of java and getting related software etc.

       Now, we discuss regarding correction statements.  For  creating correction statement, the following items are required.

  • Fvu file 
  • Provisional Acknowledgement Receipt  Number of Original File. 
  • TDS software either provided by NSDL or any other. 
  • Java installation is also required in your computer.
  • Data to be corrected in fvu file. 
      As a first step you have to select correction option in NSDL software as showin in below picture.

           Next step is to select  Import Regular File to be corrected or Open a saved Correction file.   In case you are generating first time etds/etcs correction statement  from fvu.  Import Regular file to be corrected will be selected only one time.  

          Next step software asks to select fvu file.  Select fvu file where you have placed it in your computer.  In case you have collected fvu file from NSDL center with extension code  .tds.   Extension code dot tds of fvu file is not supported with this software.  Rename it's extension code with .fvu (Dot FVU).  Now you can import regular file in NSDL software. File imported successfully message will appar. 
          Now, enter Provisional Receipt Number (15 digits)  of your original uploaded/imported fvu file as shown in below picture. 

              A message will display that you should check your return status before submitting your correction return.  It is really import before making correction in return.  Then Click on OK. 

               Now,  there are three updation option in three sheets.

     1.    In Form sheet  as Update Decutor Details as shown in below picture. 

           If you want to change Tan Number of original return then  select Update Tan otherwise select Other Decutor Details. 
    2.  In  Challan Sheet , two type of corrections can be done as  Update or Add shown in below picture. 

         Add Challan detail will only appear after Inserting row in Challan Sheet and update option is normal just selecting from Pop Up Menu.
Note :-     Challan Data can not be changed  before selecting update or add  option in column of Updation Mode for Challan. 

    3. In Annexure 1, alteration in data can be made only after selecting  Update,Pan Update or Delete.  As shown in below picture.

In this way all correction in etds/etcs return can be done and save Corrected file in New Name (different from  original name).  Now  there is  Create File button  in bottom of each sheet.   Fvu file will be created on pressing the button for correction etds/etcs return.

After saving the corrected file.  If you open and correct more details then you will have to select option "Open a saved correction  File" as shown in first picture.

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