Sunday, August 15, 2010

How to Open Form 26AS

              It is clear that form 26AS can be downloaded from Income Tax website free of cost.  Earlier a petty amount has to be deposited at NSDL center for it's registration.   Under "My Account" link after e-filing login, Form 26AS can be easily viewed.   In middle of the form there is facility to download the form 26AS.  After download  form 26AS can be checked without connecting Internet connection.  I mean to say form 26AS can be viewed in offline mode.  Form 26AS is like a Tax Ledger with the Income Tax Department of a Particular Pan.   There is some technicality to view the downloaded file.  Date of Birth of the Assessee is required to view the file for which form 26as has been downloaded.  Format of Date of Birth is  DDMMYYYY as password to open the file.  i.e. your date of birth is  05-Jan-2010.   Your password will be  05012010.   Keep in mind there is no need of date separator.   Some time your feeling will be  that  view of the file is not correct.   In fact it is your problem.  It is also require some technicality which can be cleared with the below picture.  

I think after viewing above picture, there is no doubt to open the downloaded form 26AS.

In more detail  click on the downloaded zip file > right click on the file > select view file option >click > enter Date of Birth as password (Format DDMMYYYY).   File can be easily viewed here. 

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