Friday, August 20, 2010

New Form 16A Directly from FVU


(Expected cost Rs. 100/- or Less each Tan each Year)

                    As new format of Form 16A is implemented w.e.f. 01.04.2010, and form 16A will be issued on quarterly basic.  Earlier on the request of deductee, Form 16A can be given on yearly basis.  Now it is very much clear that Form 16A will be issued with in 15 days from the submission of etds/etcs return.  In comparison with the last year work relating to issuing form 16A  is just 4 times in a year.  Now question is arising to prepare form 16A through FVU.   Yes, form 16A can be easily created with the help of File Validity Utility (FVU).  Complete form generation procedure can be viewed on clicking here. No doubt that there are many softwares in market but they charge on annually basis.  This utility is not only for one year.  It works on the basis of form 16A format. I mean to say in case Income Tax Department do not change format of form 16A, this utilty will work without getting any upgradation charges etc.
For example.

                   Other software charge is Rs. 1000/- for  the financial year 2010-11.
                   Cost of This Software is Rs. 1000/- for unlimited period. (Subject to format of form 16A)
(assume there is no change in format upto 10 years,  value of this utility comes  to Rs. 100/- each year )

               There is no limit of years.   Old and new both formats can be generated through this utility.  It means  one utility and two type of format.  Users are free , software select exact format automatically.   In case your fvu file relates to current financial year 2010-11 or later , it generate new format else old format.  

            Overall in low cost , without any extra efforts, with accuracy, Form 16A  can be prepared with in minutes. 

To know regarding free etds/etcs software and more click on title/subject of this post. 

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