Monday, September 27, 2010

(400)TDS/TCS Regular Assessment (Raised by I.T. Deptt.)


               While making online line payment of tds/tcs or depositing physically TDS Challan Number 281 in the bank, there is a column of "Type of Payment" which shows two choices as under :-

  1. (200)TDS/TCS Payable by Taxpayer
  2. (400)TDS/TCS Regular Assessment (Raised by I.T. Deptt.)
               In above, generally while depositing TDS/TCS, first column started with code 200 should be selected. But specifically regarding column No. 2 starting with code 400, everyone should  careful, in case selection of "(400)TDS/TCS Regular Assessment (Raised by I.T. Deptt.)"  amount of TDS/TCS will not be adjusted with the challan amounts  of TDS/TCS  submitted in  your e-tds/e-tcs return.   Therefore, un-necessarily  correspondence will have been done with the Income Tax Department .  I mean to say that you will receive letter from I.T. Deptt that you have not deposited TDS/TCS where as you have deposited it  only in wrong  "Type of Payment" under code (400).  

               Secondly the amount of tds/tcs deposited will not been shown in downloaded .csi file from

Picture view of column in Challan Form 281 is marked with yellow colour shown below :-

Your view is also required in the Text mentioned in below picture. 

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