Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Consolidated TDS/TCS Statement

                 Yesterday, I have come to know more knowledge  regarding submission of correction statement more than one time.  Earlier I was in view that the FVU (File Validity Utility) of correction statement can not be downloaded after successfully Tan Registration.  Only fvu of original statement can be downloaded with original Provisional Receipt Number .  But I was wrong,   NSDL provides consolidated TDS/TCS statement through TAN Login.  No doubt ,  for making request for consolidated statement it requires only Original Provisional Receipt Number, but data of FVU of consolidated statement includes all corrections which were made till the date and time of the request.

               In brief  I want to share that meaning of Consolidated TDS/TCS statement is statement of Original including all corrections made upto date. 
Question No.(1) :- Is there any difference between the fvu created by us either from NSDL statement or any other software and the fvu received through TAN Registration process ?
Ans: - Yes, there is lot of difference.   Self created fvu do not contain Provisional Receipt Number and date of uploading of fvu whereas this information is available in fvu which has been received by you after TAN Registration. 
Question No.(2) :-  Fvu received through TAN registration process contains data of corrected statement or not. 
Ans:-  Yes,  this fvu includes all corrections there is no matter that the correction has been made one time or more than one time.  It shows updated data as Original Fvu.  
Question No.(3) :-  What is differences between the fvu created by us or fvu downloaded from NSDL.
Ans: -Due to following reasons downloaded fvu is different from fvu created by us.
  • Availability of Original Provisional Receipt Number
  • Availability of Last Corrected Provisional Receipt Number
  • Availability of  Uploading Date of fvu.

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