Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to View Data of FVU file in Excel

               If you want to view data available in fvu file.  You can easily view it's data properly in excel .  Fvu file relates to etds/etcs.   It is generated with standard format with it's validation.  Some time we feel need to view the data available in fvu file.   If we click on fvu file and open  with Notepad, data looks like this which is difficult to view/study. 

The above data can not study easily or not readable.   To view the data follow the following steps as per given as under:

1)   Open Microsoft excel and choose file from location using option "Open File"
2)   Use delimited option as shown in below picture.

3)   Press Next and mark in box as "^" in other holding Shift + 6 as shown in below picture. 

4)  Now, press Next and Finish.   
5)  Save as file in Excel  format in other name. 

              In this way data can be easily viewed in excel and  use with copy and paste function as per our requirement. 

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