Saturday, January 15, 2011

Password to Open Consolidated Statement

How to Open consolidated e-tds/e-tcs zip File

                After getting  consolidated statement of FVU regarding e-tds/e-tcs  in zip file through TAN Registration,  when we open zip  file it requires password.  The original Provisional Receipt Number (15digits) of the concerned fvu which you have received in zip format is password to open the Zip File.  

               Secondly I want to share that on downloading it shows that the zip file may contain virus.  But there is no virus in attached zip file as consolidated statement.  Only latest winzip or winrar software is required. 

                However there is no doubt that it is complicated procedure to receive consolidated FVU file through TAN Registration , but best way to collect fvu.  In this procedure there is no need to go NSDL center for getting fvu for further correction in fvu. 

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