Monday, April 4, 2011

Re-correction statement through NSDL Software RPU 2.2

               I want to share with you that NSDL has prepared a very good utility regarding submission of e-tds/e-tcs statement more than one time.  Earlier only one time correction can be done through NSDL Return Preparation Utility (RPU).  Now RPU version 2.3 has been prepared by them which can prepare FVU for correction more than one time of Financial Year 2009-10 or earlier.    Now this utility can easily be downloaded from 


          To know regarding it's installation,  read below instructions.

           Now view  below picture,  there are three option for import data in NSDL RPU 2.3. 
  1. Import Regular file to be corrected.
  2. Open a saved Correction file
  3. Import consolidated TDS/TCS file. 

                     In this way, it is final that re-correction statement can be done with the help of consolidated TDS/TCS file. 
Now, complete installation procedure is given as under:-

  • Copy the set up file in your system.
  • Install the NSDL RPU 2.3.
  • Open the RPU
  • Select the form no. from the drop down for which correction statement is to be prepared.
  • Select option “Correction”
  • On selecting the option “correction”, an option to import the consolidated file (“ Import consolidated TDS/TCS file”) will be provided.
  • Click on the option “Import Consolidated TDS/TCS file”
  • On clicking the option you will be prompted to browse the consolidated file.
  • On selecting the path and file to be imported, click on the button “Open”.
  • On successful import of file carry out the required correction
  • Click on the “Create” provided at the bottom of the RPU screen to create correction file at desired location.
                                  (YOU NEED TO RENAME THE FILE AS {.EXE} BEFORE DOWNLOADING IT)

On viewing above detail, the following questions arise:-

  1. What Provisional  Receipt Number will be entered on pressing button "Import Consolidated TDS/TCS button. It may be Receipt Number of Original , First Correction, Rejected Statement or Last correction etc. 
  2. What is consolidated TDS/TCS file  and How it can be collected. 
  3. How consolidated file can be collected. 
  4. Where is link to download the RPU version 2.3.

Step by Step answer of above questions are given as under :

  1. There is no need to enter manually any Provisional Receipt Number of 15 digits.  RPU version 2.3 has in built feature to capture them.  It is excellent feature of NSDL.
  2. What is Consolidated TDS/TCS File,  to know regarding this file click here
  3. Only after successful registration of TAN at www.tin-nsdl, consolidated file can be collected.  To know more regarding Tan Registration click here
  4. Before getting RPU, it is mandatory to know more regarding correction statement. (Click here)  

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