Friday, September 17, 2010

State Bank of India File Creator

           The below utility is available only online.  With the help of this utility Salary.txt file can be created easily.  Data of Salary.txt file is generated  automatically in D Column.   Copy data from D2 to the Last Cell of D column in which data is showing using Copy to Clipboard option and then copy and paste the same in new Notepad file and save as Salary.txt file.  The Complete facility to change the Credit Account Account Number (will be provided by Bank) is also available in it.  System Account Number has been shown in C column in Red Color.  Second important thing is that as and when you enter any amount in column B alongwith any Bank Account Number,  it includes automatically in cell B1 (Showing as Cheque Amount Rs. 309912 in below example).  This utility can be edit through "Click to Edit" Button but not in position to download.

In case you feel it's requirement on your computer desktop.   Download will be provided through email on request to limited users in limited time.

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