Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vat and CST Problem

               While raising Invoices through tally, Many times it is found that CST has been charged instead of VAT and Vat has been charged instead of CST.  It is very serious problem.  No doubt it can be improved/rectified through raising Debit Note or Credit Note.  But it effects bad on accounts.   I mean to say it creates problem while preparing Vat Returns on quarterly or yearly basis as applicable in different states.   Not only Vat returns,  this type of invoice also effects in Excise return.    

               There is an excellent way to resolve this type of problem.  If we devote some time in reading this post and apply in our working with tally, this problem will be solved.   First of all,  create groups of your Debtors.  One for With in State and second for Out of State.  Example for the same is given as under:-
Sundry Debtors 
1)  With in State
  • A debtor
  • B debtor
  • C debtor

2)   Out of State
  • D debtor
  • E debtor
  • F debtor
                     In this way your all debtors should be under two groups (With in State or  Out of State).  Picture view of debtors list in tally is also given as under :-

                           In Last, you should use Include these Groups or Exclude these Group feature already available in tally since tally release 7.2 to onwards while creating Class for sales Voucher.  Picture view in tally erp 9 is given as under :-

          In my view, my efforts will certainly solve your issues, However in any case, you have any problem , you may also ask further questions through comment on this post. 

Enjoy Tally with happiness.

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