Friday, October 1, 2010

10% D.A. announced to Haryana Government Employees on Revised Pay Scales

           After announcement of 10% D.A. by Central Government, Now, Haryana has also declared Dearness Allownace payable to Haryana Government employees with increase of @10% i.e. from the existing rates of 35% to 45% of the pay w.e.f. 1st July, 2010 vider circular No. 4/1/2009-5FR dated 28th September ,2010.

      These order will be implemented  from October,2010 i.e. for the month October,2010 paid in November,2010. Regarding arrear of D.A. from July 2010 to September will be made in the month of November, 2010.

     Read or Download complete circular  issued by Haryana government.

D.A. Circular of Haryana Government

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