Monday, October 25, 2010

Challan Modification After Booked Status

Friends, Yesterday It was posted  that challan modification can not be done after showing Booked Status of challan  at    Now someone has asked a question that why  change is required in challan detail  after Booked Status at NSDL.

Answer of question is that  original return is submitted with section code 94J instead of  94C and Rate of Tax has also mentioned as per 94J whereas TDS has been deducted and deposited u/s 94C.  Due to matching of   TDS amount and it's Challan Deposit Date and  Serial Number, NSDL is showing status as "BOOKED".  Now     Income Tax Department has raised demand for TDS difference between 94J and 94C.   In this way change in  challan detail  is required.   I mean to say correction return is to be submitted with  replacing  94J to 94C.   

To resolve this error,  It is clear that challan modification can not be done after showing Status Booked.  But correction is required as explained above, Therefore delete "Deductee Detail" relating to the challan in question (booked under  94J code ) and add a new Challan with section code 94C and respectively add new records of deductee's  relating to this challan.    In this way,  C9- Add new Challan and C-3 Correction in Deductee detail, batch files will be generated through creation of correction statement. 

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