Thursday, December 16, 2010

Correction in Challan Details

Friends,  Correction in Challan Details in e-TDS/e-TCS return is important.   There are many questions regarding correction in e-tds/e-tcs Challans.   Out of many questions given below one question is very much interested and important which i personally want to share with you i.e. Modification and Updation in Challan after status as "Booked" at   Yes, in case status is displayed "Booked" as NSDL,  further
modification can not be done in this challan sheet.   But it do not mean that you can not modify any correction relating to this challan.   In detail,  there are three/four sheets while creating a etds/tcs return. 
  1. Deductor Detail
  2. Challan Detail
  3. Annexure-I
  4. Annexure-II (only in Salary Case 24Q-4)
After showing status booked, only challan details can not be updated further,  Annexure-I relating to this challan can be updated or modified.  Some time back I was in view that Pan of Deductee can not be changed after showing status "Booked" at NSDL.  But it was wrong,  any information showing in Annexure-1 can be modified at any time whether it's challan showing Booked status or not.  Picture view of "Booked or Match Failed or Matching Pending" challan status is also given as under :-

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