Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Correction in e-tds/e-tcs Return upto Financial Year 2009-10

  You will be surprised to know that only e-tds/e-tcs return for the Financial Year 2010-11 can be prepared through New NSDL RPU 2.2.  There is no option to section any other financial year.  Picture view is also available for more clarity.

      It means etds/etcs returns relating to upto F.Y. 2009-10 can not be prepare with this utility.  This complication has arise after releasing New FVU 2.129 or FVU 3.0.   But don't worry,  on discussion with NSDL it has found that they will issue new RPU earliest (may be in a week) to solve these issues.   Keeping in view these things, if you are going to prepare any correction / original return through NSDL software, you should wait till the new RPU is not released by NSDL.  Now, Correction returns prepared by NSDL RPU 1.8 relates prior to 1.10.2009 with fvu 2.126 will also be rejected by TIN.    It's validation is required with NEW FVU 2.129. 

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