Thursday, March 24, 2011

Correction in e-tds/e-tcs Return

Some frequently asked questions are given as under for submitting correction in etds/etcs return:-

Can I update a challan?
Yes. You can update a challan.

How can I update a challan?
You can update any of the details provided in the challan viz; CIN details, amounts etc.

Points to be kept in mind while updating challan:
  1. identify the challan to be updated by
    • its sequence no as per regular statement
    • CIN, deposit amount as per regular statement
  2. Update the challan detail as required.
  3. Along with the updated values, the correction statement should contain value of the CIN and deposit  amount as per regular statement as well.
Example: In order to correct challan serial number from 013 to 014 in the sixth challan of the regular statement filed by you, the steps as under need to be followed
  1. Identify the challan by the sequence number as well as the CIN and deposit amount as per regular statement.
  2. Update the value in the field challan serial number to 014.
  3. Ensure that the value in the field Last Bank challan no is 013, i.e. as per regular statement.

Can I add a challan?
Yes. You can add a challan.

How can I add a challan?
You can add a new challan as well as the underlying deductee records. The procedure for adding a challan is as under:
1. Maintain the sequence of the new challan record in continuation to the sequence number of the last challan as per regular statement and add details of challan in this record.
2. Add the underlying deductee records and associate the same with the sequence number of the newly added challan.

Example: If a regular statement filed by you has six challans and you wish to add one more challan and underlying five deductees, the steps as under need to be followed:
1. Sequence of new challan being added should be 7.
2. Add underlying five deductees in the deductee annexure and associate them with new challan having sequence no. 7.

Can I delete a challan?
No. You cannot delete a challan.

Can I rectify the details of a challan if the status of the same on the NSDL website is displayed as ‘Booked’?
Once the challan is updated with status ‘Booked’ modifications or rectifications to the details of the said challan are not allowed. As a result any correction TDS/TCS statement with modifications/rectifications on a booked challan will get rejected at the TIN central system.

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