Sunday, October 3, 2010

Due Date for Payment of e-tds/e-tcs

Friends,  Be alert for depositing tds/tcs in time and save your money.   7th October 2010 is near.  To avoid penalty  on late payment of TDS/TCS, Pay TDS/TCS in time.   In case, you make deposit TDS/TCS 8th October 2010 or on or before 31st October 2010 which you have  deducted/collected in the month of September 2010,  Income Tax Department will charge interest for one month due to TDS/TCS not deposit in due date i.e. 7th October,2010. 

For making e-payment on Challan 281 (Click Here)

Physical Challan No. 281 for Depositing TDS/TCS in Bank. (Click Here)

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