Friday, November 5, 2010

Form 16 & 16A in Rs. 500/- for Financial Year 2010-11

Friends, Now, Form 16 and 16A (TDS/TCS certificate)  are being issued on quarterly basis.  Earlier these   forms can be issued consolidated in a year on the request of deductee.  But now after new notification, TDS/TCS form 16 and 16A will be issued on quarterly basis.  Keeping in view its  urgency or issuance period etc.,  Now this software of easy creation of form 16 and 16a from FVU will be provided on annual basis with the cost of Rs. 500/- (Five Hundred only ) for a Financial Year.  This offer is valid up to 05-11-2010 (as 50% discount on  Diwali).  Before this announcement this facility was available in  Rs. 1000/-.

To read more regarding creation of forms and get demo copy of software (Click Here)

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