Sunday, October 17, 2010

Form 26AS Data in Excel

If you require data of Form 26AS in M.S. Excel , this post will  be helpful for you.  Data of Form 26AS in excel is required due to bulk entries.  I mean to say in case you have collected Form 16A or 16 in bulk from different parties or there are too many entries in a single Form,  excel data of Form 26AS is helpful for e-filing of Income Tax Return.

It is already explained that registration of Form 26AS is available through three sources which are given in brief as under :-
  1. Through registration at nodal center or (Paid Service)
  2. Through Net-banking in some banks. (Free Service)
  3. Through Login for e-filing under My Returns links. (Free Service)
After successful registration or Login for e-filing, data of form 26AS or Tax Ledger of a Pan with Income Tax Department can be viewed.   If a person submit his Income Tax Return after confirmation of  Tax amount available in form 26AS, there will be less complication with Income Tax Department in future.  Therefore it is highly recommended to check Form 26AS before submit your Income Tax Return. 

How to view Data of Form 26AS in Excel :-
             Yes, lot of person knows that what is Form 26AS, but they do not know that how it can open in Microsoft Excel.  First of all view Form 26AS on your computer screen and then save it on pressing Right Key of the mouse or Alt+F (depends upon your internet explorer) and use Save As option. There will be one file and one folder on storage.   Data of form 26AS will be  stored normally in a file name "Form 26AS.htm"   and folder name "Form 26AS_files". Picture view of file and folder  are given   as under :-

  Now, to view data in Excel sheet , right click on Form 26AS.htm and open with in excel file.  Your data will be available in excel.  Copy TAN number of deductor , Amount of Payment, Amount of TDS fields  and Paste them for e-filing .   Really , it makes very easy and accurate e-filing.  Picture view for selecting file in excel is also available below :-

Second way to convert file in excel.   Just rename file "Form 26AS.htm (as shown in above picture) to "Form 26AS.xls".   It is enough data is ready to open in excel.

It will be more better when NSDL or other Programmers will provide facility to import downloaded file from 26AS directly in e-filing.   After that e-filing process will become more easy and accurate.


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