Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IPO's Services using SBI ASBA

Friends, Good News for those who invest in IPO's .   Now ASBA facility has been provided by State Bank of India,  Before ASBA,  investor invest money in IPO's and return him money with in 20 days due to non allotment of IPO etc.  In this way he suffer interest amount.   Now implementation of ASBA facility, only  amount of allotment if IPO's will be debited in your account on the date of allotment and on blocking money investor will continue earn interest during the application process.

Login your SBI Account > Demat/ASBA link

State Bank of India, IPO's Services using ASBA
  • Simple and easy way to apply online for an IPO, using funds in Saving Bank and Current accounts. 
  • Account will be debited only if allotment is made.
  • Application money will remain blocked up to finalization of basis of allotment.
  • Investor funds continue to earn interest during th application process.

Picture view of DEMAT/ASBA link at State Bank of India

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