Friday, October 1, 2010

Quarter Problem in e-tds/e-tcs Return


           Yesterday, a question has been asked from me that a person has filed his e-tds/e-tds return for the 3rd Quarter, but wrongly he has placed 4th Quarter in place of 3rd Quarter.   After that on due time  he has submitted his e-tds/e-tcs return of the 4th Quarter which has been rejected  by NSDL with remarks that Original return for 4th Quarter has already been submitted. 

           After findings it has been found that this type of problems is serous problem. In NSDL software or I think in any software,  there is no solution to correct the Quarter once submitted. 

           To resolve the change in Quarter in etds/etcs return, it is a best idea that in above example,  first of all  deductor should cancel his return for the Quarter 3 which has been submitted mentioning wrong Quarter 4.   There is no cost for cancellation the Return.  After cancellation , dedcutor is free to submit  original return for Quarter 3 and Quarter 4.  In this way his problem can be easily solved. 

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