Friday, October 29, 2010

Reason For Rejection of e-TDS/e-TCS return (Code T-DB-3011)

Friends,  Out of many reasons, there may be a following reason (Error Code T-DB-3011) for rejection of your e-TDS/e-TCS return. I mean to say  rejection of etds return with remarks Error Code T-DB-3011. Error description detail has also been given below.   This problem has occurs due to alteration in challan detail after showing "Booked Status" .   Correction in challan detail can not be submitted after showing "Booked" status of the particular Challan.   But correction in deductee detail or Salary detail  can be submitted after showing "Booked" status of a particular challan.  

Picture view for more clarity is also given below.  I have wrongly tried to update detail of below challan serial number 1 which has already showing "Booked" status in the column named "Status of Challan/ Transfer Vcouher" .    Due to booked status of Challan,  My return rejected with the details as showing in below Picture No.- 2


Line No
Record Type
Batch No
Challan Details Record Number
Deductee/ Salary Detail No.
Error Code
Error Description
Date of Transfer Voucher/ Bank Challan cannot be updated as payment details mentioned in previous statement (Regular/Correction) has matched with details provided by Bank.
Picture No.- 2

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