Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some more clarity in e-tds/e-tcs while submit wrong Quarter in return.

            While creating any etds/etcs return, there may be chance to enter  wrong Quarter.  If this type of error  has been done, then you will  certainly receive  letter from Income Tax Department for  it's correction later or sooner.    There may be two possibilities which are given as under :-
1)  You have entered Quarter relates to future. 
2)  You have entered Quarter relates to past. 

Point No. 1
        If you have submitted your return with mentioning wrong quarter of future.   Than it should be rectified through correction statement.  It is clear that quarter can not be changed but data can be corrected of the quarter for which you have wrongly submitted return.  Some instructions for correcting return is that delete deductee data which do not relate to this quarter and add new challans which relates to this quarter.   In this way through correction statement return can be updated and return submission date will not be changed. 

Point No. 2
       If you have entered quarter of previous period and you have also already submitted original return  of that period.   Your return will be rejected by Tin with remarks that original return can be submitted once.    In this way there is no  question arise to change quarter. Wrong quarter return is rejected by TIN, they have not your return.  Only re-submission of original return is possible. 

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