Tuesday, April 26, 2011

e-TDS Return, "T" (for Transport Transaction) does not Appear in New NSDL RPU 2.2

             There is major question that "T" to enter Transport Transaction is not available in New NSDL RPU 2.2 whereas it is available in it. For feeding of data relating to Transport Transactions, "T" is available in column No. (428)/25 named "Reason for non-deduction/Lower deduction".   There may be chances of non-appearing that you are trying to check it only and you have not entered any data in RPU.   First of all select section code 94C in challan sheet and then check coloumn no.  (428) of  annexure,  "T" is available  with codes Blank,A,B,C,T.   Due to transport payment relates to section 94C only.  Therefore there may be chances for non-capturing of "T"  if anyone enter section code otherthan 94C. Picture view of availability of  "T" in new RPU 2.2 is also given as under :-    

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