Sunday, November 14, 2010

How to Add More Locations in "Send To" option

Friends    Many times we feel that there is requirement of more options in "Send To" .  No doubt that some locations are already available in Send To  which can be viewed in below picture.   Similarly we copy from Pen Drive or C D Drive to Local Drive (C:) or Local Drive (D:) or in any other specified folder.    I mean to say you use particular "Send To" option frequently.   Any option you want to store in Send To, can be stored easily. 

Solution to Add More Options in Send To :-
For XP windows 
Start > Control Panel > Tools > Folder Option > View > Select Hidden Files and Folder

As shown in below Picture

Now,  Right Click through mouse on Start and select Explore and then click on Send To folder, some file, folders and shortcuts will be appeared  as shown in below picture i.e. . Bluetooth, AVS Mobile Uploader, AVS Video Burner, Compressed (zipped) Folder, Desktop (create shortcut) etc. 

In this way any shortcut or folder can be generated in Send To , in above example  Local Drive (C) has been added which will be appeared with  Send To option  as shown in below picture. 

Enjoy Free Tip 

Second More Easy Trip :-                        Tick on Show Hidden Files and Folder as explained above and  open  C:\Documents and Settings\User Id\Send To folder and place here any Shortcut or Folder here. 

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