Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to Correct "Auto Sum Function " in Excel

Friends,   My friend (Jitender Kumar)  has asked me a question that Microsoft Excel is showing wrong sum while he is using Auto Sum or Sum command in excel. I do not know that you have faced such type of problem or not.  But I had also faced this type of problem during creation of  e-TDS/e-TCS data in excel for submitting of quarterly return.  I was very much clear about that.  Example with solution of this problem is given as under :-

In above picture it is clear that without removing decimal places in Column C, sum is showing 26.66667 and after removal of decimal places through Format Cells in column D, sum is showing 27 as showing in picture.  If entries in excel are in thousands  difference will be increased whereas 100% accuracy is required while issuing cheque or passing entries in accounts etc. 

Solution :-
To solve above problem everyone should use following command for removing decimal places
Command in Excel   =           =round(10/3,0)
Picture view for more clarity is also given below

In this way, problem of Auto Sum or Sum command problem can be removed permanently. 

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