Saturday, November 27, 2010

New RPU 2.3 for Preparation Regular/Correction up to F.Y. 2009-10

Second Time Correction, Correction on correction, re-correction, correction after first correction, revised e-tds/e-tcs return, correction statements up to the Financial Year 2009-10

After a long time gap,  NSDL has provided new Return Preparation Utility (R.P.U.) 2.3  today (i.e. 03.11.2010).   With this new RPU version 2.3,  All Regular/Correction statements upto the Financial Year
2009-10 can be prepared.  No doubt this utility is less  required for Regular statement due to due dates for submission of Regular statements upto the Financial Year 2009-10 has been gone.   But there was urgent need of this utility due to submission of correction e-tds/e-tcs return.  

Key Features of Return Preparation Utility (R.P.U.) Version 2.3
  • Preparation of regular and correction quarterly TDS/TCS statement up to Financial Year 2009-10.
  • Validate quarterly TDS/TCS statement (Regular and correction ) prepared with FVU version 2.129.
  • Import of regular files with FVU version 2.126 for preparation of correction statements. 
  • Import of consolidated TDS/TCS file (up to FY 2009-10) provided by TIN for preparation of correction statement. 

      On releasing new NSDL RPU 2.3,  it is too much easy to prepare Regular /Correction statements up to the Financial Year 2009-10 which can not be explained.  Earlier  correction statements were being submitting but it was not proper way to submit correction statement.   Lot of persons were preparing correction statements  with the help of consolidated statements received from TIN after their TAN Registration and NSDL were providing software named RPU 2.2.ex as a special case via e-mail only those who were requesting to them.  

     Another persons/deductors whose TAN numbers are not registered  at TIN,  they were prepare their regular/original  return in RPU 2.0 or greater version with same errors  which were submitted at the time submitting of their  regular statements.   In this way they were collecting new fvu in new format and then they prepare correction statement with original fvu (generated by them with trick)  in new format.  In last fvu regarding   correction statements were generated with the help of  validation of .txt file of  new FVU 2.129.   This process was complicated.   

      Now there is no need to prepare correction/regular statements up to the Financial  Year 2009-10 with any trick.   New RPU 2.3 automatically generates fvu with validation of fvu 2.129 which is compatible for for uploading

No need to go anywhere , Download Directly  New/Latest NSDL  RPU 2.3 (File Size 1.86 Mb) (click here

Second Time Correction, 
Correction on correction, 
Correction after first correction,
Revised e-tds/e-tcs return
Correction Statements

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