Monday, December 13, 2010

Re-correction Statement without having Consolidated FVU file

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If you are using NSDL software for preparing Regular or Correction e-TDS/e-TCS return and you are in need to submit correction statement more than one time.  I mean to say you want to submit re-correction e-TDS / e-TCS return.  No doubt that NSDL has recently released new RPU 2.3 for submitting correction / regular e-TDS / e-TCS return.   It requires consolidated fvu for submitting re-correction statement  which can
be availed only after successful registration of TAN.  I have one more trick to submit re-correction e-TDS/e-TCS return which is explained as under: -

I want to draw your attention that you have two data  of your etds return after submit first time correction e-TDS/e-TCS return.  One as original and second as correction.   To receive consolidated fvu without TAN Registration, you have to update all corrections  in original file which you have entered in first time correction statement or another time.   I mean to say all correction should be done in original file for generating consolidated fvu.  No doubt consolidated fvu will not be generated with original data but original  fvu will be generated equal to the data available with TIN centre.   Now, with the help of fvu generated by original data,  second time correction can be done.     
In above procedure only original Provisional Acknowledgement  Number or Token No. can be entered whereas two acknowledgement numbers are required for submitting re-correction statement.
  1. Original Acknowledgement Receipt Number.
  2. Last Receipt Number which is accepted by TIN. (excepted Rejected by TIN)
Before uploading fvu at any Nodel Centre you have to manually correct Provisional Receipt Numbers in .txt  file while opening with in notepad and validate through latest FVU 2.129 and then upload fvu.  Highlighted portion of the txt file in below picture  is showing first 15 digits of Original Acknowledgment Receipt  Number and just after sign ^ last 15 digits of Last accepted Provisional Acknowledgment Receipt Number in which  manual alteration is required.

No doubt that above procedure is some complicated but can be done easily.  I have also tested this procedure and got success.  

(If anyone feel problem, question can be  asked  through comment on this post. )

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