Sunday, December 5, 2010

How to change email address at Tan Registration

Friends,  Earlier there was no provision to change email address or update profile, after successful  TAN REGISTRATION at  In case anyone wants to change email address it was not so easy, a  request on letter pad duly signed was required to change email address.  It means manual work was attached.  But now update profile option has been added by NSDL which is excellent.  All deductor detail mentioned below can be changed with in seconds.  The following screen is appeared on pressing update profile on login at tin-nsdl for TAN Registration.

  • Name of  Deductor
  • Pan Number of Deductor
  • Category of Deductor
  • State Name 
  • Ministry Name and other related details.
  • Address of Deductor
  • Phone Number of Deductor 
  • Name of Responsible Person
  • Designation of Responsible Person
  • Mobile Number of Deductor 
  • Email Address of Deductor

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