Monday, December 13, 2010

How to Create image of Running Screen in Computer Monitor/LCD

Friends,  It is very much simple to create photo of the Computer Screen  but important for those who do not know about it.  Only "Print Screen "SysRq" button helps in creation of image of the screen.  It's location in normal keyboard is just upon the Insert key. 
Why the image is required of the Computer Screen :-
              Due to following reasons image of the screen is generally required. 
  • to display problem to the engineer who is not available in front of the computer.
  • while installing a software, a problem is incurred again and again and engineer requires exact problem screen which you are facing. 
  • any photo or picture running on your Computer monitor or LCD, can be shared to another.
How to Create Image of Computer Screen/LCD:-
      Just press Print Screen button on the screen of which you want to create image and then open Paint Brush  or another problem and press paste button (as shown in below picture).  It is over.  In this way image of screen can be stored in any format as shown in below picture.

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