Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to Reset/Collect TAN Registration Password

After successful registration of online TAN, there is lot of chances that you have forgotten password of TAN Registration, if you have not noted the same.  Now question arise that how can i collect it again?.  In the second thought you want to change your password.  I mean to say that password already generated is difficult
to remember and you want to change it as per your convenience.  Now, both problems has been resolved by
at, login page, TAN Regisration

1) Reset Password
    If you want to  Reset Password  of TAN Registration through above screen, the field TAN and User id will be asked from you as shown in below screen. After filing below form , you will receive an password protected  Pdf file to Reset the  password as you had already received.

2) Forgot  Password
           In case forgot Password, the following screen will be appeared and ask  User Id, Security Question and Your Answer which has been given by you at the time of online TAN Registration. 

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