Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merge or Delete Ledgers in Tally

          Shweta Softwares has issued a free utility for exporting Data from Tally to Excel, Merging two Ledgers, Delete a Ledger and displaying Negative Stock-Reports. Name of this free utility is UDI-Magic Free Edition v1.0 Release 2.5.  I have also tried this utility and got success in running it's features. 

              Initially question arises that what is need of Merge Two Ledgers.  Answer is that sometimes users create duplicate ledgers while passing entries in Tally i.e. M/S Anita Industries or Anita Industries.  Only due difference of  M/S, Two Ledger masters are lying in Tally with entries in both ledgers.  One way is that to simply shift vouchers from one Ledger to another Ledger manually.  But it is difficult when much vouchers are available in both Ledgers. In such position, software requires for Ledger Merging. 

             Secondly due to any reason, you want to delete a Ledger Master having including it's vouchers.  This software plays magical part and Delete Ledger Master in seconds. 

Installation of Software :-
             Simply download the software unzip the zip file and Click on Installer and then follow the instructions.  It's installation is simple. After installation a shortcut will appear on your desktop to run it in future. 

TCP file setting in Tally.ini file
            On successful installation of the software, a folder named UDIMagicFreeEdition has been created in C:\ Drive with showing some files as shown in below picture :-
Three .tcp files are lying in above picture or folder c:\UDIMagicFreeEdiction\.  The tcp file ending with 72.tcp  works for tally 7.2 and tcp file ending with 9.tcp or 9-R3.tcp work for Tally 9 releases.

Now, open your Tally folder and right click on tally.ini file and open with in Notped.  Before alteration some text shows as under  which are required to be changed  :-

Now, change User TDL =yes and type tdl =c:\UDIMagicFreeEdition\udiMaic9.tcp  as shown in below picture:-

In this way setup of  UDIMagicFreeEdition software becomes complete. 

Download Software UDIMagic-free-edition-setup

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